Win XP messenger will not sign in after update to V5



I recently downloaded & upgraded Messenger 4.7 to Messenger 5.
After this Messenger starts up but will not sign in.
The message " Signing in to .Net messenger service failed because the
password is incorrect or the sign in name does not exist"
I know .net is ok as I can sign in through Hotmail etc
I have tried to re install v4.7 but still have the same problem.
Does anyone have a solution?

Many Thanks for any help


Hi :)

see this thread: Cannot login to msn messenger after
installing msn explorer

Best regards


Hi Clayman,
Tried all the suggestions in the thread, even though I have not upgraded to
MSN. I only ever used the built in windows messenger.
Does anyone have any other suggestions.
It looks like I will have to repair windows to get this function back?


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