win NT 4.0 to 2000



I have a server with NT 4.0 SP6, but i need to migrate my users list to a new
server with 2003 or to one with 2000. I've downloaded te "active directory
migration tool", but only works between Active Directory, and NT don't have
active directory... how can i migrate my user list in NT4 to Active directory
in 2000 or 2003??

Danny Sanders

1) Remove Win 2k or Win 2k3 from the new server and install NT 4.0 on it as
BDC while connected to your existing network, promote to PDC then upgrade to
Win 2k or Win 2k3. When you add the NT 4.0 server to the network as a BDC
the domain info will replicate to the new server.

2) Use ADMT See:

Yes it does work w/ NT 4.0


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