Win 2003 svr/ASP.NET 2.0 UNC share

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Langedal, Roger

I'm trying to setup a simple test on writing to a file on an UNC share from
an 2.0 webpage. This is whats happing in default.aspx:

Dim path As String = "\\remoteserver\testshare"


My.Computer.FileSystem.WriteAllText(path & "\myfile.txt", "life's good",

impersonation is enabled and windows auth is setup in IIS 6.

1. When I run this on my Vista PC - I'm correctly authenticated and the file
is written perfectly to the remote share.
2. If I move my webapp to a Windows 2003/IIS 6 webserver and create a share
on this server \\mywebserver\testshare everything still works perfectly
3. But - I if I try to write to a REMOTE share i.e \\myotherserver\testshare
it fails with "file not found" - no further explanation :-S I've tried to
scan for activity on the remote servers filesystem with Filemon - but it
does'nt even look like it tries to access the share at all.... Permissions
are set to everyone both at NTFS and share permissions at this share.

ANY ideas guys??



I have vague memories of working on a similar issue. I think you may need
to set the UNC Share up as a 'virtual directory' within the webapp within

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