Will 32 bit compiled Add-In run in 64 bit excel 2010?



Our small company uses a very expensive compiled Excel Add-In to evaluate
convertible securities. The vendor of the add-in has stopped supporting it,
so there will never be a 64-bit version. I am interested in migrating
quickly to Windows 7 64-bit and Office 2010 64-bit. What is the chance that
the 32-bit compiled add-in will work / work well in this situation?

Peter T

It depends -

If the code includes APIs it probably won't work (most APIs will need
If the code contains any non built in ActiveX controls it won't work (so it
won't work if it's say a VB6 ComAddin)

If the code contains none of the above it will probably work, other than
anything that needs adapting for the Excel 2010 object model.

Peter T

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