Will 2007 BCM integrate with MSCRM?



I work for an India based organization who has recently installed and
implemented MSCRM. My US Sales teams all use 2007 BCM. The two are very
similiar and from what I read the BCM is a MSCRM lite version. Does anyone
know if there is any integration between the two of them? I am trying to use
BCM but have it upload to MSCRM, is that even possible?

John Huang [MSFT]

Sorry, no. The short answer is that this is not possible with BCM 2007.

The longer answer is that BCM and MSCRM uses different data stores; since
the two data stores do not talk to each other currently, we do not have an
integration story here.

However, I did hear that if you go through the Import / Export route, you
could get data exchanged between BCM and MSCRM, but I have not tried that
before, and I would imagine that it would require quite some manual labor to
keep that in the long run.

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