Wil a Nakamichi MJ-5.16si (SCSI) CD Changer read 700MB CDR's?



Wil a Nakamichi MJ-5.16si (SCSI) CD Changer read 700MB CDR's?
I have found no confirmation with google, manu.
This may be lack of understanding on my end.
I have several older SCSI CD drives that I am looking at replacing
on an NT4Server box. The thought of 5 disks in 1 bay is tempting.
On a similar note, will they plug into an Adaptec AVA1505?
Legacy hardware, such fun to play with!
NT Compatable shows it working off of newer Adaptec cards.
PCI slots are full, headless may be next.
So if you think "why not just hard drives", they would have to hang off of
the Adaptec card, or a card in an ISA slot.

P133 Socket7
4 PCI slots
3 ISA slots
2 Promise Ultra133TX2
2 Adaptec AVA1505
1 PCI Video Card
1 "maybe a 3Com" PCI 10/100 network card
Nov 13, 2017
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Yes, ist does, i tried it a couple Seconds ago. But I am wondering how to choose another CD, can you help me?

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