Why won't the PPT slides automatically advance when "streaming" vi



Hi, I am using Producer for Office 2003 with all office and windows updates
in place.

I have encoded a 22 minute video using WMEncoder 9, and included it using a
Producer 2003 template presentation with 7 slides. Slides advance
automatically, on que, when the video is served by web server, but when I
point the video (using 0Media.asx) to our media server, the PPT slide freezes
on the first slide, and it does not automatically advance. The video plays /
streams just fine. I am able to click on a slide and it advance the video,
but it will not advance to the next slide.

I am using the most current streaming media server (WMSv9, on 2003 std.) on
local network for this test, and also can recreate same problem using WMS
v4.1 (prior version) on our media server colocated (WAN). Acts just the same.

I have disabled, turned off Firewall (ZA), and can recreate using IE6 and
IE7, 2000 and XP respectively. I am not seeing any scripting errors (I have
IE turned on to display these errors). I have turned off Pop-Up blocker in IE
and Google Toolbar, and restarted IE.

Again, when the exact same video file is served from webserver, the slides
advance automatically - it works perfectly! But we need the video to "stream"
from our WMS Server instead.

Why won't the PPT slides automatically advance when "streaming" the video in
Producer 2003?

Thank you,

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