Why my Samsung mp3 recorder-player becomes unresponsive when trying to copy files; MTP craps out and

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Cymbal Man Freq.


So I somehow found room to be offended by that even though I didn’t want the
feature and knew I wouldn’t buy one anyway. The core reason I can’t use a Zune
or iPod is that both insist on their own evil infection of your machine. iTunes
is the reason I don’t flinch when comparing Apple’s products to the holocaust.
The Zune, like anything that wants to support Microsoft’s DRM stuff, uses the
Media Transfer Protocol to talk to your PC. That means it isn’t a storage device
you’re free to use as you please; everything you transfer to it has to go
through Windows Media Player 10. This is disastrously unreliable, slow and
restrictive. MTP will actually stop you from copying a file type that Windows
Media Player doesn’t recognise to your player, even if the player itself
specifically supports it. MTP devices show up in Explorer, and are mocked up to
look like storage drives, but you’re restricted to the default view, your
right-click options are taken away, and you can’t open files directly from the
device. Explorer is about the only part of Windows that still almost works
intuitively, though XP tried its level best to obfuscate it and mollycoddle new
users into misunderstanding their system, and they’ve specifically crippled it
to be less logical and usable with respect to MP3 players. I will enjoy watching
you fail, Microsoft, even if it is to a greater evil.

Some brands pointedly boycott MTP, or at least pointedly include a UMS option -
USB Mass Storage, an older protocol from the days when things were built to work
rather than monitor and defy you. Sandisk’s Sansa players have had an
aggressively anti-iPod campaign, and bragged about their ‘just works’ driverless
storage device functionality, but they do lose marks for also supporting MTP as
an alternate mode (”I’m clean, but also support herpes as an alternate mode”)
and only supporting video in Quicktime format. Their contempt for Apple’s
proprietry restrictiveness would ring truer if they hadn’t co-opted Apple’s own
grossly inefficient, poor-quality, bloated, slow and disgusting QuickTime
format. More admirably but more cumbersomely, bovine-sounding Cowon make
UMS-only players, proudly support OGG (an open-source music format, more
efficient than MP3), and have a ridiculous 35-hour battery life on their larger
model. My favourite musical gadget site Anything But iPod specialise in
alternatives, and are good about specifying MTP or UMS in their reviews. My hope
is that Microsoft having their own player to pimp will mean they stop putting
pressure on once-cool companies like iRiver and Creative to cripple their
players with MSDRM-friendly FFS-inducing MTP, and that Anything But Zune
launches soon.

Cymbal Man Freq.

From Ted Yo

1) The player shows the USB connected screen and Windows shows that the device
installed correctly. Device manager shows no problems with the device, but you
can not access it though WMP or My Computer.
----This can either be the registry permissions problem or the software
registration problem. See #1 and #4 below.

1) Permissions Problems:

Quick and dirty:
Try running the tool from the following link:


Note that after downloading it, you have to run it with a -l switch from the run
line or the command line (like "Pnpreg –l") you can't just double click it.

If the tool fails, the manual steps are:

Open regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\S YSTEM\CurrentControl Set\Enum
Right click on this key and choose Permissions…
Verify that “Everyone” is allowed “Read” access.
If you don’t see this, add “Everyone” giving them “Read” access.

Do the same thing with:
(This key should be set to inherit from the Enum key, but that may not always be
the case.)

4) Software Registration Problems and Missing Files:
Behavior: Device shows up correctly in Device manager and possibly My Computer,
but not in WMP.

Re-install the latest WMF redist from: (Not for WMP 11)

(Optional): Install a DRM performance fix for subscription content from:

(Optional): Install a sync fix for large files from:

***You will likely need to play all your DRM content in WMP to re-indiv and
reacquire licenses if necessary before syncing it to your device.

If the above didn’t fix you, you can also try re-installing WMP10 itself form:

How to get help from me:
Take the following files from your system and put them in a zip archive:
C:\windows\setupapi. log
C:\windows\wmsetup.l og
C:\windows\debug\wpd \wpdtrace.log

Mail me the zip along with a detailed description of your problem.

Cymbal Man Freq.

Much more at the link:

PlaysForSure Requirements Specification for Portable Devices

Transitioning to the PlaysForSure v1.21 Requirements

Microsoft released version 1.2 of the PlaysForSure Portable Device test kit in
Augst 2005, this version was required to be used by October 2005. PlaysForSure
version 1.2 was intended to be merely a set of bug fixes and minor updates to
the PlaysForSure test kit, and did not introduce wholesale new tests or
technologies. That said, there are new MTP compliance tests which are listed as
optional (and which will be mandatory in the next version of the program) and
for which failures won’t preclude a device from being certified for

Since that time we have sound some errors in version 1.2 of the Portable Device
test kit that needed to be corrected. These errors have been corrected in
version 1.21 of the PlaysForSure Portable Device test kit.

There shall be a period of 60 days from the release of the PlaysForSure version
1.21 Portable Device test kit during which vendors may submit devices to the ITL
for testing and elect to have them tested against either v1.2 or v1.21. After
this 60 day period has elapsed, it shall be required of vendors that devices be
tested and certified against the PlaysForSure v1.21 Portable Device Requirements
Specification and corresponding test kit.

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