Why is vista recognizing my hdtv as a generic pnp monitor



I am using an Olevia 232V and a newly purchased computer which is running
vista a m9077c and the graphics card is a nvidia 8500GT. I initially(after I
found out that just the tv wouldn't work at all on its own) connected a
monitor (vga via dvi converter) and the hdtv (via HDMI) at the same time to
find a resolution that the tv would display. The resolutions that are
reccomended for the tv would not and will not work such as: 800 x 600, 1024 x
768, 1280 x 720, 1280 x 768, and 1360 x 768(the ideal choice.) The resolution
that I am currently using is 1216 x 1084 and as a result the picture is
smaller than the screen. I can successfully resize it but everytime I reboot
or my computer goes to sleep it shrinks again. And when I try to play video
games like Diablo II the monitor says invalid format and displays a black
screen until I exit the game. I just found out that it is identifying my hdtv
as a generic pnp monitor and think this may be the problem. please, all
suggestions and solutions are welcome.


Are you running the TV as a secondary monitor in clone or extended desktop
Are you running the Nvidia 175.16 drivers?

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