Why is there no intellisense for my Custom Web Server controls in HTML view !!!



Hello everyone...
I am new in creating custom web server controls. I am having one problem at
the moment and i have been looking all around and haven't found a solution.
Okay.. here it goes... the custom web server control derives from the
WebControl class. I have added a few more properties to my custom control.
is working fine. The issue is when I use the custom web server control in
the aspx page, there is no intellisense for the custom control in the "html
view" at all. There is intellisense for the custom control in the code
behind class file though. Also in the design view of the aspx page, the
custom control's property are displayed in the property sheet too. The only
issue I am having is with the "html view" and it is driving me crazy that
there is no intellisense for my custom control. I code alot in the html view
and not having intellisense for my custom controls are driving me crazy.
Can you guys tell me how is it possible to get the intellisense on my editor
for the properties in my custom control.



Mark Fitzpatrick

I know there's an extra step you have to go through which basically involves
making an .xsd file containing the information that will be used by the HTML
view's intellisense but I haven't actually done this yet myself. With luck
though, that will point you to the correct direction.

Hope tihs helps,
Mark Fitzpatrick
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage

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