Why does Broadcom wi-fi adapter connects for second without my prompt? And what is the needing?



I have a Broadcom BCM4318 Wi-fi adapter connected automatically with
my router after everyboot as well.

My question is: It connects to my router after XP Home SP2 loaded as
normal, but by the minutes pass, it attempts and connects for second?
Why? I did not give command my wi-fi adapter to connect for second
sometimes it connects twice after minutes pass.

As you can see in the screenshot, first 'tcpip'' eventlog describes a
normal connection after boot up as well. But the second wi-fi
connection request? I could not make out why?

I use WZC for connecting my wireless router (US Robotics) with latest
driver of Broadcom wi-fi adapter.

Link of screenshot:

Any tip will be appreciated.




Jack \(MVP-Networking\).

It is not clear what is your problem, if you do not have any real functional
problem and only thing that bother you is an entry like this in the log,
than there is No problem. Network in general might instigate by itself keep
alive traffic, and it is especially so with Wireless Broadcast Beacon.

Jack (MVP-Networking).


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