Why are cookies stored in 2 different places on PC-Windows XP Home



Have Windows XP Home, SP2. Running IE6 on one P and IE7 on another.
I never log on to administrator account and only log on to an account
called HOME.

I am a home user

I have a program that cleans out various files and folders..called "IE
Privacy Keeper" but of course such a program and most programs cannot
delete index.dat files. Only can delete them on bootup in a bat file
or by other means (while not in Windows). But that is another bag-o-
worms entirely...

Anyway I notice that on both my machines cookies are stored in two
places and do not know why.

One place:

C:\Documents and Settings\Home\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files
(stored in here with bits and pieces of web sites for faster loading)

Other directory:
C:\Documents and Settings\Home\Cookies

Thanks for any insight as to why they are stored in both places and
what determines this...



Cookies are not stored in two places. They are stored in the Cookies
folder and mirrored in TIF.

Try this old response form Tom Porterfield:http://groups.google.com.au/group/microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics/b...

Alan Edwards, MS MVP Windows - Internet Explorerhttp://dts-l.com/index.htm

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Thanks very much. It was helpful. However I found it interesting that
the OP wrote at the bottom and I found true as well. However I deleted
via Explore. It appears you have to delete the cookie in TIF and not
in cookies directory for it to disappear in COOKIES. Not the other way
around. So I guess it mirrors one way and not the way I thought. Was
trying a program called IE Privacy Keeper and it has an option to keep
some cookies but onlyin COOIKIES subdirectory. So it still keeps
traces in TIF. And if you blow away the cookies in TIF you lose them
all which is okay, but the program is set up to selectively delete
cookies but I guess I need to write the author.
Thanks for the information, it was helpful. However, when I click
cookies" in IE "internet options", the cookies in the cookies folder
do not
go away. Do you by any chance know why this might be? Thanks."


Alan Edwards

Where did you get the idea that you have to delete cookies in TIF?
I never have. I delete them in COOKIES.

Can't help you on IE Privacy Keeper.

Alan Edwards, MS MVP Windows - Internet Explorer

On Tue, 26 Feb 2008 02:16:05 -0800 (PST), in

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