White text prints as black



I have multiple cells with multiple forms of conditional formatting. If a
certain cell has a number, the information in others will be visable and cell
will be shaded. If another cell is empty, another set of cells will not be
visable and not print. The text and cell shading is formatted to be white
via conditional formatting.

This works fine. But if I want to print B&W without shading I run into
trouble. I go into page setup then sheet and check B&W. When I do this all
text, even the text that should be white prints as black.

How do I remove the shading in all cells, but keep any white text to not



Jim Thomlinson

Your problem is that the text is actually black. The conditional format makes
it appear white. There is no easy way around this.


Thanks Jim,

Your comments were actually very helpful. They got me to think of something
I did a few years ago on another form where I have text that does not print.
It's been a while and I will need to re-examine how I did what I did.

I believe I created a style and attached this code to it:

Sub RestoreStyle()
ActiveWorkbook.Styles("Noprint").Font.ColorIndes = 0
End Sub

When you say "There is no easy way around this," is this what you are
talking about?

The difficult part will be remembering what I did, and making it work with
the conditional formating.




Bob I

Try doing the "Black and White" selection in the Printer preferences,
not the Excel setting.

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