which system component?



I am trying to build a minimal image in which I will use my own custom shell
(an MFC GUI). I have followed the suggestions under Devolopment
Process/Design a Run-Time Image/Footprint in the XPE SP2 help file and
selected the minimum number of devices, minlogon, and no help files. I am
running the dependency checker with auto-resolve disabled and resolving
dependencies one by one. For some reason, I am getting a dependency on
internet explorer and explorer application, which I don't think I need. The
message from the dependency checker is

System components require at least one additional enabled component not in
the configuration

Is there a way to figure out which system component? What is the best way to
eliminate these dependencies?






For minimizing footprint having dependency on MFC sounds scary ;-)

To investigate what component is trying to bring you the IE or Explorer you can do one of the following:
- Use ConfigurationExplorer component from XPeTool package from www.xpefiles.com. The component UI will allow you to explore the
dependencies within your own configuration only.
- Analyze Dependency Checker log to see what component is trying to resolve the conflict by including IE and/or Explorer.
- Post your SLX here (or, better, put it on an ftp or web page if you happened to have one) and we can help you to find out the
root of the problem.


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