which cmd for Windows XP instead of "netsh wlan show all" on MS Vi




"netsh wlan" command prompt is run only MS Vista. When "netsh wlan show all"
command is running on MS Vista command prompt, it displays list of all the
WLAN network connections. This LIST is important for me.

I develop my software on Windows XP Service Pack 2 and which command can ı
use instead of "netsh wlan show all" to gain THIS LIST.

Is it possible to upgrade "netsh" command and its dll on folder Win32 which
includes "wlan" command.

Can you help me as soon as possible please? I have tried to find the
solution for 2 days using Google Search but nothing is written in anywhere

Thanx so much and wait your replies.

Best Regards,
S. Eren






First of all thanx for your reply...

But unfortunately I tried all the commands of netsh, but not found "wlan"

"netsh /?" --> ?, add, bridge, delete, diag, dump, exec, firewall, help,
interface, ras, routing, set, show and winsock
commands are listed.

"netsh show /?" --> show alias and show helper commands are listed only.

All of these commands does not show the list of wireless modems that are
seen by my pc wireless network, does not it?

I get the wireless network on my pc...my wireless network found 3 wireless
modem around it. But I can not LIST these modems using NETSH command on
Windows XP.

In MS Vista, I assume tha the netsh command version is updated, wlan command
is added to netsh. Is it possible to add updated netsh command and dll in
Windows XP win32 folder?

I suppose to explain my critical situation to you...I need help or solution
as soon as possible...but all I have is nothing...:(

thanx so much...

best regards,
Sezin E.

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