where to get obscure parts to repair a LCD (Soyo ignores email)


Nomen Nescio

I need an internal power supply for an LCD (part number cgcpom24ei4).
Several PC shops have said they cannot order parts like this. Soyo
(the manufacturer) has ignored my question about where to get a
replacement PSU.

Are there any exceptional stores that can order rare parts like this?




Thanks for the reply davy. Looks like I flooded this group with a few
duplicate messages -- sorry about that.
Is the part number you gave the manufacturers part number or the number
marked on the circuit board?
I think in my case it's one in the same number. I took the number off
the board, but it happens to be a Soyo model number, and searches only
come up with hits for Soyo.

There are a few stores selling it, but they're all out of stock.
Is it the main psu board or the inverter for the backlights?
It's the main PSU board.
Maybe if you gave a hint of the problem it 'just might' be able to be
repaired, usual problems is blown capacitors...
I think it's a bad diode (according to a forum thread of others with
the same burnt PSU). But I'm probably not motivated enough to repair
the board itself.
Trouble is today is a throw away society no one wants to pay to have
repair's done.
Indeed. And it's detrimental to the environment.

I think these obscure internal PSUs should be banned from LCDs. I'll
never buy an LCD that takes A/C power again.

Some LCDs take D/C power, and so if the external PSU goes bad, it's
trivial to replace it and not waste a whole fully functional panel.

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