Where is the "mean" symbol?




Easy enough to create with a field code:

Type the expression: EQ \o(x,¯)

To type the ¯ (overscore symbol), Make sure NumLock is
activated, hold down the ALT Key and press 0175.

Select the expression and press CTRL+F9.
Right click the expression and toggle field codes.

Want to use this frequently?

Create AutoText

Select the mathematical mean symbol.
Press ALT+F3
Name it say “mathmean”
Click ok.

Tools>Autocorrect Options>AutoText and check “show
autocomplete tips”

-----Original Message-----
I am trying to find the mathematical "mean" symbol in
Microsoft Word. It is a lowercase x with a dash over it.
Does it exist, and if not, is there another way to get
one? I have been looking for months...

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