Where does Excel 2000 save the Referenece Style user setting?


Chuck McLemore

When the user opens Excel, the blank sheet opens in the
R1C1 Reference Style instead of the normal A1, B1, C1
style. When she tries to select TOOLS -> OPTIONS, nothing
happens. She can see it and select it from the menu list
fine, but the OPTIONS window just never opens. Under what
file does Excel save the Reference Style settings? It
doesn't appear to be the excel.xlb file. Or does someone
know what can be done to resolve the OPTIONS window not
coming up? If it would open properly, the user could
unmark the R1C1 Reference Style box and correct the
problem that way. Thanks, Chuck



David McRitchie

Hi Chuck,
I think in your personal.xls workbook or some other workbook
that might be the first workbook opened when you open Excel.
Use the Excel Window menu item to unhide the workbook.

The only time I don't see the tools --> Options is when I
haven't yet opened a workbook that I can see (not hidden).

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