Where did autotext move to in Word 2007?



In Word 2000 I was able to type complete sentences in autotext and it would
be suggested in a ribbon above what I was typing (much like months or days of
the week). Since upgrading to 2007, I cannot find autotext. Help please!

garfield-n-odie [MVP]

If you are asking where Word 2007 stores AutoText entries, then
the answer is in the Building Blocks.dotx or Normal.dotm templates.

If you are asking how to create a new AutoText entry in Word
2007, then type something that you want to store as an AutoText
entry, press Alt+F3, give the selected text a name, choose
"AutoText" in the Gallery dropdown, choose a template in the Save
In dropdown, and click on OK.

If you are asking how to insert an existing AutoText entry in
Word 2007, then type the AutoText name and press F3. The
AutoComplete suggestion feature in Word 2003 and earlier doesn't
exist in Word 2007.

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