Where Can I Buy This PSU From?

Aug 25, 2008
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I need to get hold of a Power Supply Unit to replace the current one on a PC.

This is the spec of the PSU the PC currently has:

Delta DPS-160KB-2 C
Input 100V-127V ~ /5A and 200V-240V ~ /2.5A @ 47Hz - 63Hz
Output Max Power 160W
+12V / 12A
+5V / 23A
+3.3V / 12A
- 12V / 0.3A
+5VS / 2.0A
MAX COMBINED +5V & +3.3V IS 115.2W

Does the specification provide enough info on exactly what type of PSU I need & where I can buy it from please, preferably online?

Thank you!

Aug 25, 2008
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By the way the PC is a Desktop with the following measurements:

Length= 38cm Width= 32.5cm, Depth= 10cm

The link Muckshifter gave for Pcworld, that PSU seems to be out of stock and PCworld don't have an email address on their site, I rang Head Office and they weren't any help.

As the PC is an RM Nimbus make, after emailing them, using the serial no they said that the following PSU will be compatible, it works out to about £25.00 when you add everything:


I contacted a seller on Amazon who also told me that the following PSU, £15.99 Total, will be compatible with my PC:


I think the one sold by RM Nimbus seems like a safer bet as they are the original manufacturers of the PC, but the price is quite steep for such an old model PSU.

Any suggestions please on which one I should purchase?

Thank you.


sugar 'n spikes
Mar 5, 2002
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Go for the one from RM Nimbus, the other one is rubbish.

And the RM Nimbus one is compatible, reasonably priced and is likely good quality.

The Dundee Refugee said:
WoW, that PSU is older than FBS ;)

I will have you know, I'm the same age as Sting and Phil Collins and Joe Strummer, had he stayed alive.

But I am older than the ocean, older than the stars and older than the universe.

But I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now ;)

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