When skipping tracks or songs annoying noise



Hi helpful souls,
I have a Windows 2000 Pro, and Windows Media player 9. The player is
the latest version from Microsoft. All runs on the Asus P4B266
motherboard and I am using the onboard C-media audio to connect to

The problem is this:
1) I play an Audio CD, and when i skip from one track to the other,
the player ALWAYS outputs an annoying high-pitched, stammer-like tone.
This noise lasts for 3-5 seconds and goes away. Most of the times, if
I stop the play of the track and start the next track I can avoid the
noise, but this fails sometimes too.

2) I double-click on an MP3 or WAV file in my harddisk and it plays
fine. While it is playing if I double click on another MP3/WAV file on
my HD, it creates a similar high-pitched noise for 3-5 sec before
starting to play the new audio file.

3) Bothe the bove issues don't happen with Real Player or Music Match.

I am not sure if this is a problem with Media player or a problem with
the hardware. I have seen some postings about P4B266's on board sound
chip having issues, but this doesn't explain Real Player's behavior.

Any tips to fix this issue?


zachd [ms]

WMP and RealPlayer access the sound card differently, which is why you might
not see the problem in RealPlayer. I would still suspect the sound card
may help.

(speaking for myself and doing this in my free time)
See http://www.nwlink.com/~zachd/pss/pss.html for some helpful WMP info.
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