When browser window is not maximized, webpage looks bad. Fix?



kayleesdad said:
When my browser window is not maximized, the webpage photos squish in on the
text and it looks horrible. To get a sense of what I mean, look at
http://www.elvistributeband.com/Elvispianoclassics.htm .....shrink your
browser and you will see.
How do I keep everything from moving and to stay fixed?

Works ok in Firefox on my machine, nothing moves.

Your page is wide, extends beyond my 1024 display at between the e and
second m in the "Members" tab. Other than that it looks pretty nice.


Works OK in IE7.
As gpsman said, the page is much too wide - needs 1600px wide browser to
avoid the horizontal scroll (add up the table cell widths - 1491px)

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