What queries / tables are used?



Is there a way in Access, to show which tables and queries are
actually used?

I've inherited a monster with over 60 tables and c100 queries.
However, rather than go through each on individually, I was wondering
if there was something that would tell me, for example, query_1,
query_76, tblName, tblPrices eren't used.

Is there anything?



John Spencer

There is nothing built in that would do that for you.

You can try Rick Fisher's Find and Replace.

Find and Replace: http://www.rickworld.com
Good link and has versions to support up to Access 2007 (Beta version only for
2007) - Shareware (Approx $40-$60 depending on version)

If you pay to get a license you can use the crosstab function which can
generate a list of unused objects.

Or you can use VBA code to step through all the objects in the database
looking for specific strings. Depending on the naming conventions that were
used this might be a viable solution.

John Spencer
Access MVP 2002-2005, 2007-2010
The Hilltop Institute
University of Maryland Baltimore County

a a r o n . k e m p f

SQL Server has profiler, and it's also easy to determine dependencies
between objects

And while we're at it.. 100 queries ain't very many, I could convert
100 of -any- Access queries to SQL Server within a day.

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