What is the "RTM version of the .NET Framework SDK" and how do I know if I have it (for DAAP)?




I want to use the Data Access Application Block
but two of the four requirements are:

1. RTM version of the .NET Framework SDK
2. The RTM version of Visual Studio .NET (recommended but not

What are these ("RTM") and what do I check to if these are on my
If I don't have them where would I download it (or get it)? By the
way, I have vs.net with vb.net and asp.net.

Sorry if this is obvious but I would like to know what I need to use
the Data Access Application Block.



William Ryan

RTM is an acronym for 'Release to Market' (But it either
is already or will be an acronym for something else
before long ;-) )

This is MS code for (NOT A FREE BETA EDITION) just
kidding. RTM sounds more friendly....

If you have all of the Windows updates, I think you'll be
ok. To the best of my knowledge, if if you developed
with a beta, as long as everything is up to date on the
client, it should work although if it's a commercial
version you probably don't want it to if it violates the
license agreement).

The #1 rule of using .NET and everything Windows...make
sure you have all of the updates.

If you have any problems, I'll be up for a while.

Good Luck,


Lin Joyner

"RTM" is "release to market" or "release to manufacturer" (I can never
remember which one Microsoft actually call it).

In reality, it means the versions that you buy, as opposed to beta versions
of the software. So if you've bought VS.NET, you'll have the RTM versions of

Hope that helps



Thank you for your reply. I have the MSDN Special Release March 2002
I guess this is not considered RTM? Unless the MSDN version can be
consider RTM (because we did pay for MSDN). The data access
application block seems like a good way to go in terms of data access.
If not we were planning on buying vs.net 2003.



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