What is the closest color match for Gold?



A better response is "What color is gold?" Or would that be 14K, 18K, or 24K?

Echo S

You might want to look at the Fill Effects options. Choose Preset and opt
for Gold I or Gold II.

Geetesh Bajaj

I won't repeat what others have said - so I assume you read everything
before reading this.

It all depends on several factors - first of all, "Gold" as such is a
simulated color that is not part of the color depth that computers use.

Such simulation can provide different results - a particular shade of Gold
looks better on a red background or not - something else probably looks
better on a blue background.

If you don't want to use this for text - and just for AutoShape fills, try
using a gradient rather than a solid fill - this will look more realistic.
You can also simulate Gold by using a Gold texture fill.

Sometimes, you can just create something in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro -
and then get that inside PowerPoint.

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