Excel What is in Excel Macro, Similar to "for" macro in "lotus" ?



Feb 21, 2018
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There are plenty of ways of doing such things in Excel...but first of all please let me have your excel file and specify your choices....for example if you enter 10 in cell A1 in the active sheet and you want to run a macro that many times (value in A1)... you can use For and Next Loop to run that macro...etc or you can create a button in the active sheet and that picks the value in cell A1, if its 10 then it will run the macro ten times...etc

Even if you want to run a macro without using a Cell value, then you can use an input box that will popup a question at the run time, asking how many times do you want to execute the macro, you enter e.g 10, then it runs that many times...
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