What does TCP/IP error 0x800ccc15 mean?



I cant get any email messages to come through due to the above message!
How can I fix this?



Scott Atkins[MSFT]


There are several factors that can cause the problem you are experiencing, however is is most likely caused by one of the following:

1. Anti-virus or Firewall programs.
2. Add-in problems in Outlook.

Please test the issue step by step to see whether they are helpful:

Step 1: Disable any antivirus and/or firewall applications

Sometimes antivirus and/or firewall applications, such as Norton anti-virus, will cause this problem, please temporarily disable them and then check if the problem

If the issue persists, please perform step 2.

Step 2: Start Outlook in Safe Mode

Start Outlook in Safe Mode.

Click Start-->Run, type "Outlook /Safe" (Quotation marks are not included, and there is a blank between the Outlook and /Save ) and press Enter.

If Outlook funcitions properly in Safe mode, we will then need to look at each Outlook Add-in to find which one is cusing the problem.

Best regards,

Scott Atkins MCSE, MCSA
Partner Technical Lead - Outlook
Microsoft Technical Support
for Platforms and Business Applications

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