Excel What does E mean in excel numbers?

Apr 10, 2017
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New at excel and I am trying my best, but my best is failing. I am at the final stages of Spring semester and final project. I can only use excel and word to do my college algebra. Project is on Linear equation (standard form) with dealing with the U.S. population starting from 1950-2010 (most questions are aimed at) then one is aimed for 1790-2010 and last is predicting the population in 2050.

My excel chart slope -intercept form is y=3E+06x-5E+09 (this is the one with most of the questions). First what does the E stand for? Why are the zero in front of 6x & 9? And am I right the standard form for the equation is 6x-y-2E=-9
It is driving me insane.
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Mar 5, 2002
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E means, times 10 to the power ... eg: 3*10^6 = 3000000 & 2E+07 = 2*10^7 = 20000000

the zeros are needed ... I know nuffin of Word or Excel. :)


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