What about group policies when computer is not connected ?



Hi all,

I need to get this right: when a slow link is detected, certain group
policies do not run (scripts and software distribution); this
behaviour can however be changed by means of the appropriate group
policy (adm templates, system, group policies I think).

However, how do group policies behave when a computer logs on and
finds no domain controller ? Does GP thinks it is a slow link (because
the ping thing did not answer within a certain time frame ?).
Or scripts simply not run (specifically, startup scripts) because they
are stored in the server sysvol and not cached locally ?

I'm a bit confused...


Buz [MSFT]


Polices are cached on the client so when you are logged in with cached
credentials they still apply, things like logon scripts, folder redirection,
and roaming profiles are not cached and do not apply.

242536 User Is Not Alerted When Logging On with Cached Credentials

When we do not find a domain controller slow link behaviour is not utilized.

Buz Brodin
MCSE NT4 / Win2K
Microsoft Enterprise Domain Support

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