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Mickey T

This isn't much, but, on the welcome screen, under the
icon for my account, it says I have unread messages on my
hotmail account. The thing is, I don't! But I can't get
rid of it and its just annoying. By the way, I've deleted
my account associations with my .Net Passport account,
and that didn't work.
Thanks in advance.





Nico Tomacelli [MSFT]

Hi Mickey,

You can fix the unread email account by doing the following:

Download TweakUI from
After you install it, run Start - Run - TweakUI.
Click on Repair.
From the drop down, click Repair unread email count.

This should fix the login screen for you.

Hope this helps!

Nico Tomacelli
Microsoft Corp.
US - Windows Core:SOLID

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