Weird, it loads another aspx page




Recently, I came across a very strange issue.

I was trying to open an aspx page called "test.aspx" by using

"<script>'" & "test.aspx" & "','" & "test" &
+ 'width=' + (screen.availWidth - 20) + ',height=' +

For some reason, it opened another aspx page. Before the page is even
loaded, I can see it was trying to load the page that I want, that is
"test.aspx" as I can see the caption of the page. But then it opens
the code of the other page when I debuged it. And a totally different
page is opened.

Any idea? Please advice. You help would be greatly appreciated.


Javascript is executed as browser sees it.
So if you have
WindowOpen(test.apx) in first line in your HTML then browser will open the
test.aspx right then, before it will render the original HTML to you


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