Weird: inside of a cell I have a small box or cell I can't delete.



I have one cell in the middle of my spread sheet and it has in it a small box
or cell in it. It looks like the boxes you enter text into when filling out a
form on a website.
It is smaller than the cell itself and I can actually click the mouse inside
it and type 5-10 characters. I tried deleting the cell, the line, the column
and it just shifts around the sheet. I tried right clicking on it to cut it
out like an image but it doesn't work. Right clicking inside the box doesn't
give you an options menu.
I have no idea what it is. maybe I accidentally entered a shortcut code for
some HTML insert, but usually anything like that would still be able to show
an options menu when right clicked.
Has anyone seen this before? Can you tell me what it is and how to get rid
of it please?



Dave Peterson

Try showing the Control toolbox toolbar.

In xl2003 menus:
View|toolbars and check that option.

Then click on the Design Mode icon on that toolbar.

Then try selecting that object and hitting the delete key on the keyboard.

Then click on the design mode icon once more to get back to normal.

Jacob Skaria

Press F5 and select Special and select Objects. If this does not clear
everything then try the below

--From the sheet hit the keys (Alt + F11) to launch VBE (Visual Basic Editor)
--Hit (Ctrl + G) so that Immediate window will be enabled
--Paste the below line including ? to the immediate window and enter (Make
sure you press Enter after placing the cursor end of the line)


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Paul C

I may also be an active x control - If you go the developer tab (you can
enable in the excel options section when you click the offcie button in excel
2007) and enter desgin mode you may be able to then select and delete the

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