Weird Excel behavior



I have a user running Office 2007 SP1 on an XP Pro SP2 workstation that is
experiencing some strange behavior when using Excel.

I he double clicks an Excel file from within Windows Explorer a blank Excel
window opens but doesn't display the spreadsheet. If he clicks the Excel
application in the taskbar the spreadsheet immediately displays.

If Excel is already open and a spreadsheet is double clicked from within
Windows Explorer the spreadsheet opens as displays as expected.

Any ideas?


Dave Peterson

You are suffering from a common problem that lots of people have complained
about. The workbook is open, just not visible.

One way to see it is to click on the Office button and start to open another
workbook, but then just dismiss the dialog. You may see your workbook open
after this. (Ctrl-O, then escape may work???)

Currently, there isn't a fix--just workarounds.


That's interesting because I have 60 or 70 other users with the same
configuration but none experience this problem.

Bob I

You're welcome. Now that it is working, you may disable the Add-in and
it should continue to function properly.

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