Week Number Format



I have a work sheet with a list of dates from todays date till one year from
now. This is automatically updated everyday and i input week numbers into A1
and it will state in A2 the date of the begining of that week.

I want week one to start at the first monday of the new year, not on the 1st
day of the year like below.

I want week 53 to last untill the sunday 3rd and then on the monday 4th week
one to start.

Week Day No Date
53 1 28/12/2009
53 2 29/12/2009
53 3 30/12/2009
53 4 31/12/2009
1 5 01/01/2010
1 6 02/01/2010
1 7 03/01/2010
2 1 04/01/2010

is this at all possible?

Mike H


The standard Excel formula do that

For week number

For day number


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