Week commencing date reporting




I have a query which works out which orders are due to be delivered in
a particular week. I would like to display this by week commencing
which i can do with the following WHERE condition in the date field:

<=(Date()) And >DateAdd('d',-5,(Date()))

Now the customer would like to be able to see the previous six weeks
data on the same report - i know i can find out the previous weeks
data by doing something like:

<=(Date()-7) And >DateAdd('d',-5,(Date()-7))

and so on minusing 7 days off for each week in the past - but doing it
this way would mean that i need to have 6 (or however many weeks i
wanted to go back) queries..

Is there anyway that i can dynamically set the where clause when the
report opens? I would be using subreports to display each queries




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