Webrowser control threads... please read ;)


Chase Gale


I am developing a large financial application... In a section of the app I
host a Microsoft Webbrowser control which connects to a bank and displays
thier Java Applet.

The problem I am having is occasionally (and excuse my bias against JVM's)
the applet locks up for 10 - 30 seconds... when the applet locks up, the
whole app goes "Not Responding" until it resolves itself.

Is it possible, in any way, shape or form, to create the webbrowser object
on a seperate thread, so my app remains stable even when the jvm dies? Is
there another control that can host an applet?

I am open to all suggestions... the only direction I was thinking was
hosting it within a Custom UserControl...

Thanks for reading this, and thanks in advance for any insight you can

Chase Gale

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