webquery and solver macros




recently, i have been dabbling with recording webqueries and solver

i have observed the following.


when i record (macro) a webquery from a website, for example - yahoo
finance, i can assign (or define) a range name or reference for that
table (viz, currency). when i execute the webquery macro over and over
again, every time it runs - it creates a new name viz, currency_1,
currency_2, currency_3, and this goes on. i would have imagined it
would overwrite the existing name or reference. thats what i intend it
to do.

is there a way around it? i have not been able to figure out, first,
how to avoid this, and second, how to delete a reference name for which
i know the first few letters will be 'currency' (in my case).


solver is defined with a set of constraints (without which there is no
purpose of using a solver, duh). when i record a solver macro, and run
it over and over again, probably on 7th or 8th turn the solver will
refuse to solve it for you. here is what happens. it would have added
the same constraint(s) as many number of times as you have run the
solver macro. as a denoument, the solver will not be able to spit out a

now, is there a way to avoid this, or delete constraints? i know that
we can record the process of deleting a constraint. if it were the
first time you were running the macro, and there were no constraints,
the program would err.

i would appreciate any help that comes this way.



Dana DeLouis

now, is there a way to avoid this, or delete constraints?

Hi. One way is to just run the macro, and after each solve, then delete the
One can delete constraints in a loop, but I have found "Resetting"
everything to be an easier solution. On does this with SolverReset.
Here's an example..

For j = 1 To 20
SolverOk [A1], 1, [B1]
Next j

HTH. :>)
Dana DeLouis
Windows XP, Office 2003



hi dana,

thanks for that one! the reset button was right there and i never even
noticed it! duh me...


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