I have an i-cam v1300a webcam.
When I plug it into my usb port,a message pops up
saying....found new hardware.
Then it says.....installing new hardware for i-cam.
Then it says.....installing hardware for microwebcam.
I search and find no trace of i-cam installed,but I do
find microwebcam.
This is not the driver I want,and it does not work with
my webcam.
This happens every time I plug my webcam in.
The webcam was working until I had to do a re-format of
my hard drive.
Anybody able to help?
I am running XP
Any help would be appreciated.





Right Click My Computer, goto Properties; Hardware
Tab>Device Manager. Find your device (webcam) and disable
it, download the drivers directly from the webcam's
support site and install them. (Make sure you know the
location of the driver I.E. place you download it to) Go
back into the Device manager right click your device
(webcam) and select the Update Driver... option select
install from a list or specific location. Locate your
driver and install it. Reenable device.

If this does not help you;
E-mail further question to me at (e-mail address removed),
Hope this helps,
~ Mitch

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