WebBrowser mouse events How do I capture?



The WebBrowser control is described as exposing numerous public mouse events.
See: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ayestehw.aspx. many of the
event are described as: "This event is not supported by this control.
(inherited from WebBrowserBase)". Does this mean that I can't access these?
I am using VS Express C#.
Otherwise how do I capture webBrowser mouse events? I am trying to have a
DISPLAY-ONLY browser window (i.e. no futher navigation).

Chan Ming Man

You should get the concept right. Imaging 1000 persons mouse events your
server need to handle. You might want to look for client side script but not
something that run on server side for this.



I believe my concept is right.
I am writing a client application with a WebBrowser control.
Doesn't this mean that my app can capture the mouse clicks of the user?
Maybe I'm confused ....

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