web user control with ascx



Hello has all, I am in .NET 2 and Visual Studio 2005 and I seek
deseperement how to create a webusercontrol in the form of DLL (to insert it
in the pallet tools of VS). Well on it is not a question of simple a
usercontrol. I seek has to use a ascx allowing me to make my setting forms
some in wysiwyg (instead of all to stick in output.write.) and thus then to
compile it in DLL and the whole with parameters in the pallet properties.
hum hum I have were rather explicit?

Salut a tous,
je suis en .NET 2 et Visual Studio 2005 et je cherche deseperement comment
creer un webusercontrol sous forme de DLL (pour l'inserer dans la palette
outils de VS).
Bien sur il ne s'agit pas d'un simple usercontrol... je cherche a utiliser
un ascx me permettant de faire ma mise en forme en wysiwyg (au lieu de tout
coller dans output.write...) et donc ensuite de le compiler en DLL et le
tout avec des parametres dans la palette proprietes... hum hum ai je etais
assez explicite ?





Looks like Google Translate did a bang up job on your French, but it came
out OK.

What you want here is not an ASCX UserControl, but a ServerControl (Custom
Control) dll assembly that you can install onto the toolbox. You can find
sample code by searching "Custom Controls" ASP.NET in MSDN or on google.

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