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My question may not necessarily be "on-topic" for this newsgroup but
you folks have been so incredibly helpful in the past for my XP
questions that I thought I'd go here to ask this:

I am thinking of creating my own web-site and since it will not be
anything TOO fancy I though I'd try and do it all myself. I am pretty
computer-literate so I thought I'd get one of the "Dummy" books and
web-creation-software and give it a try.

A friend said he is using a software program called "Front Page" from
Microsoft and if I go with that software I assume there is a book I can
buy that will walk me through all the necessary instructions, etc.

Any recommendations as to which software I should use and/or which
books to buy where I can self-teach myself to create a web-site?

I have a Sony Vaio computer with, of course, Windows XP home edition.
I thank you in advance for your attention to this query...


Good Morning shem:
If your set on MS FrontPage run the help tutorial... It should give you an
overview of the controls and basic SOP of the app.
Now, about MS FrontPage... many people love this app. After all, it comes
free in MS office and can be integrated with other office apps. But is it a
good program? Well, not really. MS built this application around proprietary
WebBot... Websites built with it will only run on servers supporting
FrontPage extensions. When you create a website with FP, it is difficult to
edit the web pages with any other editing tool. Many of the coding
conventions used by FP do not follow the guidelines suggested by the W3C.
By far the pest web page authoring app is Macromedia DreamWeaver. Look for a
copy of version 4 on ebay. This older version will have everything you need
to build a great web site at a good price ( the current ver. of DW runs
$399, you should be able to get ver4 for less than $50). Dreamweaver is very
well supported by a user newsgroups served by: forums.macromedia.com , the
dreamweaver newsgroup is: macromedia.dreamweaver .


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