Web Expression/FrontPage?



I am new to website work. Can Microsoft Web Expression be used in place of
FrontPage or do I need the FrontPage program to continue working on a site
for someone else?

Joe Rohn

Any site that was created with FrontPage can also be worked on with
Expression. However many of the bots that were available in FrontPage are
not included in Expression (things like photo galleries, discussion webs,
hit counters etc.) So while those things will continue to work if you use
Expression....*and* the hosted site has the FrontPage extensions installed
on it..you will not be able to alter or add new ones in Expression. If you
don't have either you might want to buy a licensed version of FrontPage
somewhere like maybe eBay and then purchase the Expression upgrade..that way
you will have both. If you only wish to get one my advice is this:

FrontPage is easier for a novice...but Expression is the better way to go.

Microsoft MVP FrontPage

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