Web content not loading.. no red X




I have several webpages I have been visiting and their
content does not show..There are no red-x's.. nothing it
just stays blank.. as well as some other problems. I have
searched through the internet options and do do not see
any problems.. any advice appreciated. I have seen all of
the following:

1. Webpages navigation menus not loading (area stays
blank no red x's)
2. The entire web page does not load except for any
background images. No red X's.
3. Navigation menu's where a submenu is supposed to
appear.. it does not.

Thanks in advance!

H Leboeuf

You probably got the About:Blank malware from CWS.

You may need this removal tool.
More: Complete list by variant with up-to-date information.
More: Removal tool: http://www.merijn.org/files/cwshredder.zip

Read this: "So how did I get infected in the first place?"

It's a nasty one you may need help from this forum.

Go to http://www.spywareinfo.com/downloads.php#det
Download "Hijack This!" [freeware] or download direct (below):

If you get a 404 error or Access denied, try:

Unzip the Download file in a NEW FOLDER that you can create before you start
the download.
DO NOT use any of the TEMP folders that are presently in your computer.
Double-click "HijackThis.exe" and Press "Scan".

When the scan is finished, the "Scan" button will change into a "Save Log"
Click: "Save Log" (generates "hijackthis.log")

Next, HijackThis | Config [button] | Misc Tools [button]
Click: Generate StartupList log [button] (generates "startuplist.txt")

Next, go to the below location:

Sign in, then copy and paste both files in your message.

HijackThis Quick Start Help

The Tutorial if you want to know more about the results or the .log file.

Henri Leboeuf
Web page: http://www.colba.net/~hlebo49/index.htm

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