Web.config on load balanced servers


Tim Barton

I'm building an application that will probably sit on some load balanced
servers at some point and I'm concerned about keeping configuration settings
in the web.config file. Is there a tried and tested method of holding config
information in static classes or in the cache that someone could point me


Brock Allen

If you want a single location for configuration data, consider the database.
But then of course you have a bootstrapping problem of how to tell each server
what database to connect to. At some point, each server needs to be informed
where to go look for your configuration data.


Tim Barton

Thanks for that. What I was really thinking about was to use a database for
the settings but to load them to memory at app start. They would then sit in
a static class or the system cache for fast retrieval. Then when the config
changes the in memory stuff is re-populated with the new data. When this is
running across several machines is there a way of keeping the data
consistent on them all?


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