web.config in classic ASP



I'm having trouble setting up my classic ASP site to correctly handle .NET
web config file for migration I need to do.

If the config file is at the same level as my other pages I get the
following message "Description: An error occurred during the processing of a
configuration file required to service this request. Please review the
specific error details below and modify your configuration file
appropriately. "

If I put the config file elswhere in my virtual directory I don't get that
message at all (just the same if I remove it all together.) So I'm aftraid I
may not be setting things up correctly. Any pointers for mixing classic ASP
and ASP.NET?




I only need it for my ASPX pages w/in the same app that also has classic ASP
pages. That's all. Isn't this possible? Or a classic asp appication can't
have a WEB.CONFIG file for its aspx pages?


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