Web Access Outlook requires saving before viewing attachments



A majority of our staff read their email via the web rather than desktop
Outlook. When attachments are sent to all of our staff, they have to save
the file to the computer before they can open it. Frequently, they just need
to view the information and then close the file.

Our computers become littered with multiple copies of the files saved on the
computer and then someone has to clean them all off.

The frustrating thing is that is does not ALWAYS happen. We cannot find a
setting for this so we do not know how to prevent it.


Not a Microsoft Outlook problem and you should ask about this in a Microsoft
Exchange support forum (e.g. microsoft.public.exchange.*). To give you head
start, what you describe depends on the file extension on the attachment.
For example, one would be able to open .DOC and .XLS, but run into what you
describe with .PDF.

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