Web Access Failed creating new ASP.net Web App



I'm getting a Web Access Failed dialog when trying to create a new ASP.NET
Web Application.

VB.net 2003 on XPSP2
SBS 2003, IIS6

In IIS, I created a new site with a "testsite" host header specified to
distinguish from the default site.
I added a CNAME record, testsite.servername.local and made a default.htm in
the home directory to test to be sure I could access the site using the new
CNAME--that works fine.
The wwwroot folder is shared and NTFS permissions on the site's home folder
(under wwwroot) should be okay. I can map a drive to wwwroot and do whatever
I want with the site home folder.

When trying to create a new ASP.net Web Application project at
http://testsite.servername.local/testsite, I get the following error:
Web Access Failed
The default Web access mode for this project is set to file share, but the
project folder at 'http://testsite.servername.local/testsite' cannot be
opened with the path '\\testsite.servername.local\wwwroot$\testsite'. The
error returned was:
Unable to create Web project 'testsite'. The UNC share
'\\testsite.servername.local\wwwroot$\testsite' does not exist or you do not
have access.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Check the following list.

1. What port number you have given to the testsite? It should be other
than port number: 80.
2. Whether the testsite is started?
3. If it is still not working, try to keep testsite folder outsite the
wwwroot folder.

If you still have any questions let me know.



Answers to your list are below. However, maybe my question should be, "How
do I create a new ASP.net Web App on site OTHER THAN THE DEFAULT SITE." What
are the steps required in IIS? What permissions need to be used on the site?
Is VS Studio supposed to create the physical directory (e.g. under wwwroot)
and an associated virtual directory on the site?

Answers to your list:
1) Using port 80, but that shouldn't be a problem since I was using a host
header value. I have also tried using a unique IP for the site (assigned
multiple IPs to the IIS server's NIC)
2) testsite is started
3) no change when doing this (why should I have to anyway?)

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