We offer web design and development services


Rajbhar Dipak

Dear Sir,

We are a Software Development Company operating in India specialized
in Microsoft Technologies, Open Source, Web Design and Development,
Toolbar, Plugins and Mobile Application Development.

With this email I would like to draw your attention to my company
offer. We provide Web Design and Development Services to our customers
based in Western and Europe market.

I happen to know about your business through internet and thought of
providing above mentioned services.

You can look upon us as an sub-contractor providing you services at
low cost on your doorstep.

Please find our Skills and Technical Expertise listed below.

Project Portfolio:-- http://www.agilesoftwares.com/portfolio

We are sincerely looking forward to work with you on your project and
build long term business relationship.

Feel free to contact for the project. It will be highly appreciated.


Please call or Email for a free consultation and quote

Peter Morris

I can't believe you have a website that looks like yours and are offering to
develop websites as a service to other companies. Amazing :)


I would fire anyone on my team if they had published that. Open your
site in a web browser with script debugging enabled and get ready to
click through a lot of popups telling you why you shouldn't be trying
to peddle your "skills" to someone else. And use something other than
you standard 'spam in a can' email next time.

Your f-f-f-f-f-fired!!!!!

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