WCG Stats Thursday 20 October 2022

Nov 1, 2006
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WCG Daily Team Stats - 

Today's stats for
Thursday 20th October 2022 
                                         New         New  |            Total      Total    CPU Time
+/- #    Member Name                   Points    Results  |           Points    Results   Yr:Mo:Day
=== ==== ======================  ============  =========  |  ===============  =========  ==========

=== ==== ======================  ============  =========  |  ===============  =========  ==========
                                          New        New  |            Total      Total   Team Time
                                       Points    Results  |           Points    Results   Yr:Mo:Day
                                 ------------  ---------  |  ---------------  ---------  ----------
Team Total                       -1,408,091,951  -3,168,740  |                0          0       0:0:0
                                 ============  =========  |  ===============  =========  ==========

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Yorkshire Cruncher
Mar 21, 2007
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WCG is hopeless. :cry:

Although I am getting WUs again and they seem to be uploading there are still major problems with the website which is now back on. However, despite crunching every day, the Overview suggests that on 19 & 20 October I had no runtime, no results and no points !! I looked on the forums (fora) and found that others were reporting the same issues and assume that other PCR members have had the same problem too. Many crunchers on WCG have stopped supporting the programme or are threatening to leave. It's sad but you can see their point of view. It's now 8 months since Krembil took over and many are suggesting that they are not capable of running such a complex programme such as this. :mad:

Sorry if this sounds like a rant. ;)


Crunchy Cat
Jun 1, 2006
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Well, things have been going ok at my end for a few days now. However, I can understand that people are becoming disenchanted about crunching. It is pretty off-putting when glitches and errors keep occurring, particularly after so many years of non-problematic crunching.

To be honest, there has been an occasion or two recently, when I have almost given up and called it a day. Don't want to do that, of course, but, I don't always have the time to mess around, trying to investigate whether the "fault" is happening at my end or their's.

I agree with you @nivrip, it really is sad to think that volunteers are going to leave, particularly now, when many will probably be worrying about energy bills and what-not. But at the same time, 8 months is a long time for Kembil to be in such a mess with this.

No, I don't look upon your post as a rant niv, it has been a very frustrating situation, which doesn't seem to be getting resolved. I think we are entitled to have a bit of a moan about it. We've had 15-16 years of trouble-free crunching, and now it appears to have "gone to hell in a handcart" for want of a better description! lol. :eek:

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