WCF secureConversationBootstrap? SCT? reqest @URL2 needs URL1's co



Hi all,

Sorry for the vague subject - very hard with the 70 character limit.
I have the following scenario that is working via the HttpWebRequest class,
but I need to get it working via WCF:

I need to integrate with a system that requires an initial "authentication"
request, which contains the username and password in the URL (this is a 3rd
party system and therefore this approach cannot be changed). The URL for this
request is different to the standard URL I will be posting data to. This
initial request returns a cookie with a session ID in it, which should be
provided on subsequent requests.
I have found that WCF provides some mechanisms for providing (from what I
can determine is essentially the "session ID" value I referred to) the
Security Context Token (SCT) for secure sessions. However, I cannot
determine how best to perform this "two request" approach because the
authentication request is NOT to the same address as the subsequent requests,
and so I assume I cannot use the same transport binding for both requests?

Essentially I need to be able to provide a binding which shields any callers
from knowing that there are multiple requests occuring due to the service

Any pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.




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